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Congratulations on starting your journey to becoming a Net Zero business.

Why Go Net Zero?
Cripps Law Firm goes Net Zero

The Net Zero Now platform makes it easy for law firms to reach Net Zero. We provide all the tools you need to complete your journey to Net Zero and communicate your achievements to your customers, your employees and other key stakeholders.

Platform features

The Net Zero Now platform provides all the tools your law firm needs to go Net Zero. The platform is dynamic and has been configured to meet the standards outlined in the Net Zero Law Protocol. It has been specifically tailored for you, so that you know exactly what information you need to provide.

Carbon Footprint Calculator
Calculate your full value-chain emissions in compliance with sector-specific guidelines.
Climate Impact Report
Full breakdown of the precise source and scale of your emissions.
Analysis & Reporting Tools
View your emissions by company, by site, or by activity.
Benchmark of Performance
Compare your performance against the rest of your industry.
Emissions Reduction Plan
Specific to your business and your sector, compliant with the Science Based Targets Initiative.
Sector Specific Offsets
Access accredited offsets, based on the Oxford Principles, for unavoidable residual emissions.
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Small Firm
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Medium Firm
 11 - 20
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Large Firm
 21 – 35
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Enterprise Firm
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*If you pay upfront for 1 year, you’ll get 1 month for free.
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Platform Overview

As you add your data to the platform, you will see the measurement of your carbon footprint in real time. Once all the necessary data has been uploaded, submit your footprint for validation and you will receive detailed interactive reports allowing you to identify key emissions hotspots, your tailored emissions reduction plan helping you address those hotspots and access to the Net Zero Law Certification, enabling you to celebrate your progress.

Add your data
Checkout your emission report
Review your reduction action
Set a target
You're on the road to Net Zero
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Net Zero Law Protocol

The requirements for each step of the journey to Net Zero are detailed in The Net Zero Law Protocol. You can download the Protocol below and find out more about the protocol development in the FAQs.

Climate Action Playbook

If you’re wondering what is involved in reducing your emissions, take a look at the Net Zero Now Climate Action Playbook . For more tailored information on your emissions and how to reduce them, sign up to the Net Zero Now platform today.

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In the meantime, why not sign up to a demo of our platform and speak to one of our climate specialists.
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Why is it important for law firms to go Net Zero? 
What is the Net Zero Now certification?
What is the Net Zero Law Protocol?
My site (or sites) has already measured its carbon footprint, can we still be certified?


  • At the heart of Greener Litigation is a commitment for litigation professionals to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint when practising, and our initiative is pleased to have worked with the development of the Net Zero protocol, to encourage sustainability across the legal industry. Lawyers can play a leading role in driving change towards sustainable practice, and one of the first steps every organisation can take is to assess their carbon footprint and identify ways to enact meaningful change. The protocol helps businesses with a framework in which to undertake that analysis.

    Greener Litigation
    Jenny Hindley
    Greener Litigation
  • We are delighted to have worked with some of the leading voices in the legal industry to develop this definitive guide to what it means for a law firm to be Net Zero.
    Evidence of the climate crisis is unequivocal and the question is no longer ‘if’ businesses need to take action, but ‘how’.
    The Net Zero Law Protocol is the latest in a series of Net Zero Sector Protocols, developed alongside key industry bodies and designed to provide businesses in each sector with both a clear and consistent path to Net Zero and way of communicating their achievements to their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

    Managing Director
    Neil Ross Russell
    Managing Director