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The carbon reduction platform for UK Law Firms

Green grass and buildingAccountants conferringAccountants conferring
Green grass and buildingAccountants conferringAccountants conferring

A practical climate solution for law firms based on a methodology developed in partnership with  Greener Litigation.

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So many benefits for
you and your business

Embarking on your Net Zero journey is not only vital for the planet, it will also provide a number of benefits for your business: Save money. Gain competitive advantage. Win business. Attract and retain the best staff. Secure investment. Get help with reporting requirements.

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Save money

Businesses that embark on carbon reduction steps can save money in the long term, from energy bills to waste removal.

Competitive advantage
Competitive advantage

Get ahead of the competition and win new business by implementing a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy.

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Attract the best staff

Attracting and retaining good employees is a huge issue. Having a climate strategy is one way to ensure they join... and stay!

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Exclusive offers

We’ve secured some great deals from partners such as Sustainable Energy First. Sign up to benefit!

  • You're in good company and we're highly recommended

    “I’m really proud that through working with Net Zero Now, MSB will be one of the first firms in the UK to establish our carbon foot print and set a Net Zero target. We’re committed to leading the way in sustainable practice. This is just the start!”

    Jessica Jones, Trainee Solicitor, MSB Solicitors
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These are just some of our customers already measuring and reducing the carbon emissions of their business

Understand why our partners are onboard

  • Jenny

    Jenny Hindley

    Greener Litigation

    At the heart of Greener
    Litigation is a commitment
    for litigation professionals
    to take steps ....

    Read More
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A powerful, easy-to-use carbon reduction platform

Use our industry-backed platform to:-

  1. Measure – the carbon emissions of your business
  2. Report – your emissions and fulfil ESG requirements
  3. Reduce – your emissions with tailored reductions plans
  4. Certify – your business as ‘On the Road to Net Zero'
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Resources for law firms

Free Consultation

The Net Zero Accountancy Protocol

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The Net Zero
Law Firms Protocol

Download below

Climate Action Playbook

Action Playbook

Download below
Free Consultation
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