Government supplier? You need to be Net Zero compliant. We can help… 

Government supplier? You need to be Net Zero compliant. We can help… 

The next evolution of Net Zero Now’s online carbon accounting and measurement platform takes the heavy lifting out of compliance with the government’s ‘PPN 06/21’ legislation for SMEs. 

Our latest offering includes a dedicated service that enables swift production of the reports required to demonstrate compliance with this key Government procurement policy. 

What is PPN 06/21?

PPN 06/21 is a piece of legislation introduced to support the UK Government’s 2050 Net Zero target by ensuring that net zero commitments are baked into any high value contracts awarded by the public sector. 

It is relevant to any business that is bidding for public procurement contracts valued at £5million or above, requiring them to demonstrate they are taking action to achieve net zero by 2050 in line with the UK Government procurement policy target.

To comply, bidders need to measure and report on all scope 1 and 2 emissions and scope 3 emissions related to business travel, employee commuting, waste generated in operations, upstream and downstream transportation and distribution. They also need to set targets to reduce emissions (published visibly on their website) and demonstrate progress against those  targets. 

Get the carbon reduction plan within a week

Carbon measurement and reporting can be a complex business, with different regulations demanding different requirements. For SMEs, who generally don’t have a dedicated resource, navigating this world can be difficult. Net Zero Now has worked with industry leading partners to develop ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions to provide SMEs with clear guidelines that are tailored to their sector.

And this means that any business – regardless of where they are on their sustainability journey and the level of knowledge they have – can use affordable and accessible tools to enable them to quickly get a good handle on their carbon footprint and an action plan of how to reduce it. 

The new PPN 06/21 tool means that they can now also use the system to quickly generate PPN 06/21-compliant reporting.

Our customers said…

One business that is already enjoying the benefits of the new PPN 06/21 compliance service is Mainstay Medical. This medical company has made a series of significant commitments towards environmental sustainability and has been working with Net Zero Now to measure and reduce its carbon footprint with a view to achieving Net Zero emissions before 2050.

Henry Mitchell, UK Country Manager of Mainstay Medical said:

“Net Zero now were superb from start to finish whilst helping us with PPN 06/21 for the carbon reduction plan. The plan they put together was timely, thorough and successful. From an initial conversation we then had update calls and review documents before the final draft. Carbon reduction is going to become more and more important in the coming years and I would certainly recommend Net Zero Now if you need any assistance”. 

Andrea Piras, Head of Demand Generation at Net Zero Now, added: 

“Effective tender processes run on tight deadlines, placing significant demands on those who hope to win the contract to produce strong bids, quickly. PPN 06/21 is a welcome development of Government policy in recent years, but it does add another layer of work and complexity to that process – particularly for SMEs who may be approaching this for the first time. 
At Net Zero Now our whole reason for being is to provide companies with a simple, credible and affordable route to Net Zero. Building expedited PPN 06/21 reporting into our platform is just another way in which we can extend the support that we offer businesses, taking some of the heavy lifting that contract compliance involves.”  

If you’d like some help to get PPN 06/21 compliant and be in good carbon shape to bid for future public sector contracts, please get in touch with one of the Net Zero Now team today.