Grunberg & Co: Leading the Accounting Sector to Net Zero

Grunberg & Co: Leading the Accounting Sector to Net Zero

Grunberg & Co's Net Zero Journey: Charting a Sustainable Course

"The climate crisis is an important issue, not just for me, not just for Grunberg & Co, but for the world." - Robert Bean, Managing Partner, Grunberg & Co Chartered Accountants.

Introduction to Accountancy Sustainable Initiatives

Grunberg & Co has embraced a series of sustainability measures, with Robert Bean leading the charge. From transitioning to paperless operations and installing energy-efficient LED lighting to planning a shift towards renewable energy sources, the firm is dedicated to significantly lowering its carbon footprint.

Diving Deeper: Employee and Client Impact

Why is sustainability important for Grunberg & Co's team and clients?

"My name is Robert Bean; I'm the managing partner of Grunberg & Co Chartered Accountants. I think it's important for Grunberg's employees because they want to know that we're conscious about the decisions and choices we make... For our clients, to be able to choose an accountancy firm that is demonstrating that and can show their carbon footprint makes us an easier choice."

How has the journey towards net zero been for Grunberg & Co?

"So, Grunberg & Co have had the results of their Zero Now report, which shows we have a low carbon footprint. We want to reduce that even further, and by 2030, we will be net zero... The Net Zero Journey was very straightforward and smoother than anticipated."

What encouragement would you offer to other firms considering this journey?

"It shouldn't just be about the big four; it should be about all firms taking small steps to get to net zero... Once you get down to it, it's much more simple than you think it's going to be. So don't be fearful of it, and just plunge in and go for it."

Empowering The Accounting Sector Towards Net Zero

Grunberg & Co is paving the way for the accounting sector, demonstrating that meaningful action towards sustainability is not only necessary but achievable. By leveraging the Net Zero Now platform for data management and reduction strategies, the firm is confidently marching towards its net zero goal by 2030.

"Embark on Your Accountancy Firm's Sustainable Journey: Pioneering the Path to Net Zero"

Grunberg & Co, with the support of Net Zero Now, extends a call to action to accounting firms of all sizes. Embrace sustainability, measure and manage your carbon footprint, and join the movement towards a greener future. Discover how our dedicated platform can assist your firm in making impactful, positive changes. To start your sustainable journey and for a demo of the Net Zero Now platform, contact us.

Committed to guiding UK businesses towards sustainability, Net Zero Now is revolutionising the transition to net zero carbon emissions with sector-specific protocols and an accessible digital platform. Join us in making sustainability the standard for the accounting sector and beyond.