Lisini's Path to Sustainability: A Net Zero Pioneer in Hospitality

Lisini's Path to Sustainability: A Net Zero Pioneer in Hospitality

Lisini: A Family Legacy Embracing Net Zero in Hospitality

"We're Lisini Pub Company, a third-generation family business aiming to preserve our legacy through sustainability and innovation" - Siobhan Edwards, Director.

Sustainability: The Heart of Lisini's Operations

The journey of Lisini towards net zero underscores the balance between preserving a family legacy and embracing sustainable practices to meet the evolving needs of customers and the planet. Partnering with Net Zero Now, Lisini has gained insights into its carbon footprint, taking strides towards significant reductions and cost savings.

Driving Change Through Green Initiatives

How is Lisini ensuring its family business remains sustainable for future generations?
"My children work in the business, and they love it. It's important for us to ensure that legacy remains for the next 50 years for their children and for their grandchildren." - Siobhan 

What measures has Lisini implemented to reduce its carbon emissions?
"We've managed to reduce our scope one and two emissions already by 48% just by switching to renewable electricity contracts... install sensors in back of house areas, whatever we possibly could." - Kay Smith, Sustainability Manager.

How is the kitchen contributing to Lisini's sustainability goals?
"We're going to put a bigger offering on for plant-based and vegan options onto our menu... It's very sustainable." - Chris Forbes, Group Executive Chef.

What has been the impact of working with Net Zero Now on Lisini?
"It's not until we've been working the last year and a half with NetZero Now that we've really truly understood our carbon footprint... By 2045, we will be 100% Net Zero." 

Lisini's Vision for a Sustainable Hospitality Industry

Lisini's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its operations, aiming to inspire the hospitality industry towards climate action, carbon accounting, and net zero strategies. With initiatives from green teams to kitchen practices emphasising zero waste and plant-based options, Lisini is not just navigating its path to net zero but also shaping the future of sustainable hospitality.

On the road to Net Zero leaflet

Join Lisini on Their Journey to Sustainability

Embark on the sustainability journey with Lisini as they pioneer the path to net zero in the hospitality sector. Their dedication to environmental sustainability, through comprehensive carbon accounting, scope 1 2 3 emissions reduction, and innovative net zero strategies, positions them as a beacon for others in the industry. For more insights into Lisini's sustainability initiatives and how you can contribute to a greener hospitality industry, contact Net Zero Nown team.

Supported by Net Zero Now, Lisini's approach from energy reduction to reporting sustainability efforts showcases the power of integrating climate action into every aspect of business operations. Their journey is a testament to how family-owned businesses can lead in the transition towards a sustainable future, ensuring a legacy that spans generations.