Net Zero & BrewMan: Boosting Sustainability in Breweries

Net Zero & BrewMan: Boosting Sustainability in Breweries

Net Zero Now has joined forces with brewery platform, BrewMan, in a bid to simplify and accelerate the journey to Net Zero for breweries. 

BrewMan provides comprehensive operations management software that is used by hundreds of breweries to streamline their operations, integrate inventory management, recipe formulation, and product scheduling. The platform is designed to free brewers up to focus on the thing they do best - producing exceptional beers.

The new collaboration sees Net Zero Now and BrewMan integrating their platforms, so that data can be shared across the two. This integration will take much of the heavy lifting out of calculating a carbon footprint for any brewery that decides to make a Net Zero commitment.  

Net Zero Now is already well geared up to support breweries who decide to set out on this journey, having launched a breweries protocol in 2022. This provides breweries with all the tools they need to kick-start this sustainability journey, a bespoke roadmap to Net Zero developed by the industry and a standard against which to certify their progress. Any brewery embarking upon their Net Zero journey with Net Zero Now will be supported by the team to calculate an accurate carbon footprint, set science backed reductions targets, and acquire a bespoke carbon reduction plan. Breweries signing up to The Net Zero Brewery Initiative are able to achieve ‘On The Road’ certification which can be used to their competitive advantage- demonstrating to customers and peers their continued focus on sustainability. 

Sam Williams, Commercial director at BrewMan, said: "Our users care about the environmental impact of their businesses, and their customers want to be empowered to make environmentally conscious decisions. This is why we are delighted to work with Net Zero Now, in offering BrewMan users a simple way to calculate their carbon footprint and find out how they can work to improve it."

Jack Sowler, Business Development Executive at Net Zero Now, added: “This partnership promises to make the route to net zero much easier for many breweries. Most businesses are now acutely aware that they need to take action in the face of the climate emergency, but they often don’t know where to start, or believe that the process is much more difficult and time consuming than it actually is. In the same way that BrewMan provides an innovative solution to take the heavy lifting out of operations management, Net Zero Now can reduce the burden of sustainability management, and bringing the two platforms together is a massive step forward in catalysing decarbonisation among many breweries.”

If you’re a brewery interested in finding out more about becoming a net zero outfit, why not get in touch with one of our friendly experts who can walk you through the process, click here. For more information on Brewman please click here.