Net Zero Now & SimplyBiz: Carbon Solutions for Financial Advisers

Net Zero Now & SimplyBiz: Carbon Solutions for Financial Advisers

Net Zero Now and SimplyBiz: Pioneering a Sustainable Future for Financial Advisers

Net Zero Now has announced a partnership with SimplyBiz to provide priority access for their member firms to the climate platform and The Net Zero Financial Advisers Initiative. This initiative includes giving advisers access to state-of-the-art carbon accounting software, enabling precise monitoring and management of emissions. 

Carbon Accounting Solutions for Financial Advisers Through Net Zero Initiative

SimplyBiz’s parent company, Fintel, was one of Net Zero Now’s founding development partners, alongside Liontrust, and continues to support the evolution of the certification programme.  SimplyBiz provides essential support services, software and data that enable professional financial advisers, financial intermediaries and product providers to deliver better outcomes for their customers. In line with this support, Net Zero Now carbon accounting solutions help advisers understand and reduce their environmental impact efficiently.

The Net Zero Financial Advisers Initiative, which will be available to interested SimplyBiz members, provides a clear path to Net Zero for advisers, aligned with the global guidelines on carbon accounting. 

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive support, Net Zero Now and SimplyBiz have co-developed an industry-specific protocol tailored for financial advisers. This protocol serves as a detailed guide on integrating sustainability practices into everyday business operations. To empower our community further, we're offering a free copy of this protocol to interested parties. We invite you to download your copy today and start leveraging these insights to enhance your firm's environmental and operational strategies.

net zero protocol for financial advisers

Achieving Net Zero Accreditations for Financial Businesses

The Net Zero Now climate action platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes fight climate change. It provides a simple, credible, and affordable route to Net Zero for advisers, with accreditation and promotion built in to mark the achievements of key milestones on a firm’s journey to Net Zero. Participants in the initiative can work towards achieving net zero accreditations, demonstrating their firm's commitment to verified and measurable climate action standards.

Neil Ross Russell, Managing Director of Net Zero Now, added:

“People care about the planet, and those people are advisers’ clients, employees and, increasingly, Government regulators.  So, whatever the emissions of an adviser’s day-to-day activities, being able to show these stakeholders that minimising emissions is being actively managed makes commercial sense.

“The climate crisis is one of the key challenges of our age – advisers need to make sure they don’t get left behind.” 

Marc Thompson, Adviser Services Director of SimplyBiz, commented: 

“With the financial services sector’s growing focus on ESG in recent years helping to raise awareness around climate change, we know that many advisers want to start moving their business towards Net Zero.  Our partnership with Net Zero Now will help our members to understand the journey to Net Zero, set realistic, meaningful, goals, and support the promotion of their achievements to clients.” 

Embark on Your Sustainability Journey with Net Zero Now and SimplyBiz

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