Net Zero Week 2024: UK’s Official National Awareness Week

Net Zero Week 2024: UK’s Official National Awareness Week

Net Zero Week 2024, the UK’s official national awareness week, is not just an event; it’s a movement. This year, from 6-12 July, we invite you to attend the most significant Net Zero conference, an all-online gathering that connects people from across the globe. This digital format ensures that everyone, regardless of location, can participate in shaping a sustainable future.

Importance of Net Zero Week

Net Zero Week is where the world’s brightest minds and most dedicated hearts converge. This isn’t just about policy or technology—it’s about people. Policymakers, business leaders, technologists, and academics will all come together to collaborate on achieving net zero. The event focuses on the human actions that drive change, underscoring the crucial role each of us plays in this global effort. As the Net Zero Week website aptly puts it, it’s about people making plans, solving big problems, and inspiring others.

Key Events and Themes:

1. Business and Industry Focus (8 July 2024):

Keynote on Circular Economy and Building Decarbonisation: Industry leaders like Chris Smith from Beyondly and Lora Brill from Ramboll will discuss integrating circular economy principles and decarbonising buildings. This session promises insights into how businesses can transform their operations to be both sustainable and economically viable.

Fireside Chat with Mike Nugent: Join Mike Nugent of Hitachi ZeroCarbon as he explores fleet decarbonisation and the future of sustainable transportation. This conversation will delve into practical steps businesses can take to transition to electric vehicles and reduce their carbon footprint.

2. Energy Economy (9 July 2024):

Session on Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS): Ruth Herbert, CEO of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, will provide an in-depth look at the future of CCUS. This session will cover the strategic, economic, and political dimensions of this vital technology.

Panel on Offshore Wind Energy: Experts like Raya Peterson and Steve Jermy will discuss the advancements and challenges in offshore wind energy. This session is essential for understanding the future of renewable energy and its role in achieving net zero.

3. Places and Community Initiatives (10 July 2024):

Keynote on Retrofitting and Urban Greening: Lucy Allis and Andrew Gladstone-Heighton will present community-led visions for greener urban spaces and retrofitting initiatives. This session will highlight innovative strategies for creating sustainable and resilient communities.

Fireside Chat with Johan Pretorius: Johan Pretorius will introduce revolutionary climate action through Toco digital currency. This session will explore how digital innovation can drive significant strides towards net zero.

Expert Opinions

The urgency of climate action is underscored by leading voices in the field. Rt Hon Chris Skidmore OBE, Net Zero Week Ambassador, encapsulates this sentiment perfectly: “Net zero provides the greatest opportunity of our lifetime to enhance our energy transition in a way which will secure a warmer and brighter future. We simply do not have the time to waste and must seize the opportunities of net zero to avoid the challenges others will face for being not zero. Our environment and our future depend on our actions now and Net Zero Week is the perfect way to highlight these opportunities.” His sentiments are echoed by Neil Ross Russell, Director at Net Zero Now, who highlights the collective progress and the road ahead. “We’ve seen tremendous advancements in technology and policy, but the real challenge lies in widespread adoption and execution. Net Zero Week provides the perfect platform to share best practices and inspire businesses to take that crucial next step.”

Practical Tips for Businesses

Net Zero Now is committed to making the transition to net zero accessible and achievable for businesses of all sizes. Here are some practical tips to get started on your journey:

1. Calculate Your Emissions: Begin by understanding your current carbon footprint. Use tools and platforms like Net Zero Now to measure and analyse your emissions.

2. Set Realistic Targets: Establish clear, achievable goals for reducing your carbon footprint. This can include short-term and long-term targets to keep your business on track.

3. Implement Energy Efficiency Measures: Simple changes, such as upgrading to LED lighting, improving insulation, and maintaining HVAC systems, can significantly reduce energy consumption.

4. Engage Your Supply Chain: Work with suppliers and partners who are committed to sustainability. Encourage them to adopt eco-friendly practices and support your net zero goals.

5. Educate and Involve Employees: Foster a culture of sustainability within your organisation. Provide training and resources to help employees understand and contribute to your net zero initiatives.

6. Leverage Carbon Accounting Tools: Utilise carbon accounting software like Net Zero Now to track progress, report on sustainability efforts, and gain Net Zero certification to demonstrate your commitment to stakeholders.

By adopting these practical steps, businesses can not only reduce their carbon footprint but also gain a competitive edge in an increasingly eco-conscious market. Net Zero Now offers the resources and support needed to make this journey straightforward and rewarding.

Future-Proofing Your Business:

Achieving net zero is not just a regulatory necessity; it’s a strategic move to future-proof your business. As net zero regulations evolve and market demands shift towards sustainability, early adopters of net zero practices will find themselves at a significant advantage. These businesses will enjoy enhanced resilience, cost savings from energy efficiency, and an improved reputation among increasingly eco-conscious consumers. Net Zero Now helps companies to navigate this transition smoothly, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.


Net Zero Week 2024 is a pivotal event, uniting stakeholders from all sectors to drive meaningful action towards a sustainable future. By participating in this week-long event and utilising the resources provided by Net Zero Now, businesses can take significant strides in their netzero journey. Now is the time to act. Join us in making a difference—start or continue your net zero journey with the support of Net Zero Now, and be part of the solution for a greener, more sustainable world. 

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