Unlocking Net Zero Success with Sustainable Energy First Insights

Unlocking Net Zero Success with Sustainable Energy First Insights

Strengthening Net Zero Pathways with Sustainable Energy First

Net Zero Now has proudly partnered with Sustainable Energy First, UK energy consultants who provide their members with a trusted source of expert industry information, especially when faced with carbon reduction goals and a Net Zero strategy. 

Working with them, Net Zero Now carbon accounting software can further offer their members guidance and assurance regarding services and which route to follow,  for their business’s economic and environmental needs. 

Emily Tradd, Head of Partnerships and Customer Success at Net Zero Now, says:  “We are always looking to partner with companies who offer complementary services to ours.  Sustainable Energy First enables clients to get the full picture of the energy landscape so they are informed and ready to start their Net Zero journeys wisely.

Unveiling Key Insights: The Energy Market Report by Sustainable Energy First

Sustainable Energy First has shared their informative Energy Market Report with Net Zero Now. It provides a comprehensive, month-by-month analysis, highlighting the fundamental and geopolitical factors that impacted the energy markets during the second half of 2023.  It also provides a forward-looking perspective for the first six months of 2024, highlighting potential factors that could influence the energy markets, including gas prices, EUAs, Geopolitics and, of course, weather.

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