‍Our Warming World Is A Warning For All

‍Our Warming World Is A Warning For All

Our Warming World Is A Warning For All

The scorching heat wave sweeping across southern Europe this week is expected to bring temperatures close to record highs in certain regions. Italy, Greece, Spain, and other countries have implemented protective measures for residents and tourists to cope with these sweltering conditions. During the previous round of high temperatures, known as Cerberus, thermometers soared above 37 degrees Celsius. Now, a new wave named Charon is predicted to worsen the situation as an anticyclone from North Africa moves into the region. Heat waves in Europe are becoming more frequent and intense due to climate change, while heavy rainfall and early monsoon seasons are being reported in southeast Asia. 

In the UK, the MET Office recently confirmed that June 2023 was the hottest June on record since data collection began, adding to a series of record-breaking weather events that highlight the accelerating pace of climate change. Throughout June, the average day and night temperatures across the UK rose by 0.9°C, with rainfall falling below 70% of the typical level, while offshore water temperatures soared. A MET Office study reveals that the likelihood of observing a June that surpasses the previous record of 14.9°C, set in 1940 and 1976, has at least doubled since around 1940. Furthermore, eight out of the twelve calendar months now hold average temperature records set since 2006, within a series dating back to 1884.

Professor Mark Maslin, University College London and Net Zero Now’s go to expert, commented: “There does not seem to be a month that goes by without some climate record being broken around the world.  2020 was the hottest year for our planet since records began.  While in 2022, 28 countries reported their hottest year ever recorded, now June 2023 is the hottest June ever recorded in the UK. The hot dry summers we are experiencing in Britain are here to stay and will only get hotter and drier, resulting in droughts, heatwaves and major issues for farming, biodiversity and human health.   

It is clear the climate is changing everywhere on our planet - and we are starting to feel the impacts of extreme weather events - maybe it is time to take climate change seriously and reduce our greenhouse gas emission and help vulnerable communities to adapt to the changes.”

Bana Mahasneh, of Net Zero Now’s climate team, added: “The MET office announcement that June was the hottest month on record, surpassing previous records by an average of 2.5 degrees, reveals a deeply concerning and escalating trend. As we work towards the challenging goal of limiting global warming to 2 degrees, and preferably 1.5, it's worrying to realise that we will likely experience more and more extreme weather events in the future. This emphasises the URGENT need for immediate action on climate change to mitigate its impact and protect our planet.”

The changing climate will continue to have an increasingly significant impact on businesses in the UK, whether directly or indirectly through regulations and stakeholder demands. If you're looking to ensure that your business is future-ready, Net Zero Now is here to help. Reach out to one of our friendly advisers today to understand what steps you can take.  Go to