Raising a glass to Sustainable Wine Solutions

Raising a glass to Sustainable Wine Solutions

We’re delighted to welcome Sustainable Wine Solutions to the Net Zero Now Marketplace. As the latest addition to our Marketplace family, all Net Zero Now customers now have access to exclusive offers from this pioneering, progressive purveyor.


Sustainable Wine Solutions from Borough Wines works with wineries who prioritise low-intervention winemaking methods, and, as such, has a strong focus on organic and biodynamic wines, while wine-on-tap, a bottle return scheme and other innovative formats have helped drive down levels of waste typically associated with wine distribution.


According to RecycleNow, UK hospitality alone throws an estimated 129,000 tonnes of glass into landfill every year. Research shows that glass bottle packaging releases 0.69 kg CO2 equivalent per litre of wine. In contrast, selling wine on tap from kegs cuts carbon emissions considerably - to 0.023kg CO2 equivalent per litre with 100 reuses, and falling with every reuse thereafter [Aken,, 2018]. The Bottle Return scheme offered by Sustainable Wine Solutions enables each wine bottle to be returned, sterilised and reused at least 30 times, reducing the carbon footprint of each bottle by up to 95%. Meanwhile, their innovative 10L Vino TapTM holds the equivalent of over 13 bottles of wine, saving around 6kg of glass with each use. And since there is no plastic inner bag to dispose of, this really is a zero-waste wine solution.

Emily, Head of Partnerships and Customer Success at NetZero Now, said, “We’re delighted to welcome Sustainable Wine Solutions into the Net Zero Now marketplace. They are a truly values-led business that is thinking deeply about how to make wholesale wine distribution a more sustainable practice – from grape to glass.


“Our dedicated Net Zero protocol for the hospitality sector sees us working with many restaurants and bars who are looking to minimise their overall contributions to climate change. If the whole hospitality sector is to achieve Net Zero, it will require the full supply-chain to play its part, making the Sustainable Wine Solutions offer increasingly important, and relevant to many of our customers.”


The Net Zero Now Marketplace is a beautifully curated collection of preferred and vetted suppliers who demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and climate action. The Marketplace can be accessed exclusively by Net Zero Now customers, who enjoy unique discounts and preferential access to suppliers, like Sustainable Wine Solutions.