The Net Zero Salons Initiative: Zeroing in on…OB-1 Hair

The Net Zero Salons Initiative:  Zeroing in on…OB-1 Hair

We caught up with Lorraine Naughton from OB-1 Hair -one of Ireland’s first sustainable salons – to get a quick low down on their award-winning approach to sustainability, which includes work with Net Zero Now, to drive down their carbon emissions.

OB-1 Hair is based in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland. The pioneering salon has worked with L’Oréal for over two decades, so when the latter began to work with Net Zero Now on a net zero roadmap for salons, L’Oréal reached out to OB-1 to see if they’d be interested in taking part in the pilot. 

Lorraine takes up the story. “As a business we were already involved in a series of initiatives to minimise our environmental impact, so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Net Zero Now to help develop a route to net zero for salons.

“I think it’s fair to say that our sector, especially in Ireland, has not yet caught the sustainability bug. But I get the sense that things are changing – in fact, twice this week I have been asked to do radio interviews on the topic!

“Our employees love what we do and staff come to us as they want to work in a sustainable salon, we have gained new clients for the same reason. Our business stands out because of it – it’s definitely a USP.

“But we’d love others to follow the same path. And I’d say to them – start now, please don’t wait! The process to measure and begin to reduce your carbon footprint by working with Net Zero Now is easy to follow and the team has been so supportive and a delight to work with. Because they worked with us, L’Oréal and others in the sector, they’ve got a strong understanding of our industry, which is hugely important. 

“I think there are misconceptions that moving towards net zero has to be expensive, but you can make a big difference just by thinking more smartly around your operations. For instance, we reduced the number of days that everyone comes to work in the salon. They now work their full hours over three days, which means that they make fewer journeys to work, which has notably reduced our Scope 3 emissions. 

“We are just about to do our 2022 figures. Our carbon emissions were low to start with, so it is going to be tough to realise the change we need to become net zero certified, but there is still more that we can do, working together. 

“I’m just delighted that we can, simultaneously, be unleashing eco-hair magic while taming carbon emissions with Net Zero Now!”

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