A practical climate solution for restaurants.

Go Net Zero

With development partners

Congratulations on starting your journey to becoming a Net Zero business.

Your grandchildren will thank you in the future - your customers and employees will thank you now!

To reach Net Zero, you will need to complete the following steps:

Calculation: Measure your current greenhouse gas emissions

  • The Net Zero Now platform will guide you through this process, providing you with all the tools you need
  • We will deliver a detailed Climate Impact Report for each site in your business

Reduction: Reduce your future emissions, beginning immediately, and continue on a reductions pathway to limit warming to 1.5°

  • You will receive a tailored Emissions Reduction Plan, providing you with clearly quantified reductions targets for each site and plans for how to achieve them

Compensation: Invest in carbon avoidance and removal initiatives to compensate for any emissions you cannot eliminate

  • You will have access to our UK hospitality offset products, featuring a range of certified offset initiatives selected for the UK food service sector

Certification: Communicate and celebrate your Net Zero status

  • The Net Zero Now Certification Marks allow you to communicate where you are on your journey to Net Zero to your people, your stakeholders and your customers
Go Net Zero

Net Zero Restaurant Protocol

The requirements for each step of the journey to Net Zero are defined by The Net Zero Restaurant Protocol.

This has been created by Net Zero Now alongside development partners including  Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Pernod Ricard & The Sustainable Restaurant Association.

The Net Zero Restaurant Protocol has been specifically designed to help restaurants meet the challenges of going Net Zero.

It was developed through a 5-step process, as used by the ISO Committee on Conformity Assessment. The process includes pilot testing and industry consultation, ensuring it is both compliant with the critical global guidelines and relevant to your business.

Thank you! Your can download the protocol here.
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Restaurant Climate Action Playbook

If you’re wondering what is involved in reducing your emissions, take a look at the Net Zero Now Restaurant Climate Action Playbook.

It’s full of ideas and initiatives to reduce emissions both from your day-to-day operations and from specific problem areas identified in your Climate Impact Report.

Thank you! Your can download the playbook here.
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Development  Partners

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

“We have partnered with Net Zero Now and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, to help create the Net Zero Pub protocols to give practical advice to our customers on the role they can play and how they can embark on their own on the path to Net Zero.”

Nick Brown, Head of Sustainability at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners GB

Pernod Richard UK

“It’s imperative that we work together as an industry and, in partnership with Coca-Cola, we have the potential to reach 90% of the UK’s pubs through our combined resources. We hope the tools provided by the Net Zero Pub initiative will inspire our customers to take action and join the race to Net Zero.”

Ian Peart, Commercial Director at Pernod Ricard UK
Go Net Zero


We offer 3 levels of Certification, allowing you to communicate your progress to Net Zero to your customers, employees and other stakeholders:


Available to businesses that have:

  • Calculated their full value-chain carbon footprint
  • Committed to science based emissions reduction targets
Net Badge

Available to businesses that have:

  • Calculated their full value-chain carbon footprint
  • Committed to science based emissions reduction targets
  • Set a date to reach Net Zero
Net badge

Available to businesses that have:

  • Calculated their full value-chain carbon footprint
  • Committed to science based emissions reduction targets
  • Achieved at least 1 year of reductions
  • Invested in certified offset initiatives to compensate for their emissions
Go Net Zero


Carbon Footprint Calculator
Calculate your full value-chain emissions in compliance with the global and sector-specific guidelines
Summary Climate Impact Report
High level overview of your total footprint
Detailed Climate Impact Report
Full breakdown of the precise source and scale of your emissions
Simple comparisons and analysis tools
View your emissions by company, by site, or by activity
Monthly / quarterly reporting
Receive regular reports to track your performance through the year
Access to specific external reporting formats
Automatically formatted reports to highlight Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions
Benchmark of performance relative to industry peers
Compare your performance against the rest of your industry
Emissions Reduction Plan built on science-based targets
A tailored emissions reduction plan specific to your business and your sector and compliant with the Science Based Targets initiative
Access to sector-specific offset products
Compensate for unavoidable residual emissions through a bespoke combination of accredited offsets, in-line with the Oxford Offsetting Principles

Access to the Net Zero Now Professional Platform is available from just £40 per month

Single site
£40 p.m / £440 p.a
2-10 Sites (per site)
£35 p.m / £385 p.a
11-30 Sites (per site)
£30 p.m / £330 p.a
>30 sites