Streamline Your Submissions to CDP, B Corp, etc with Net Zero Now

3rd party certifications such as CDP and B Corp are vital for showcasing sustainability, with CDP focusing on emissions and B Corp on social and environmental excellence and many others available. Net Zero Now simplifies this process, providing accurate emissions data and expert support to ensure your 3rd party  applications reflect your sustainability efforts effectively.

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CDP and B Corp Simplified

Navigate the complex CDP and B Corp reporting requirements with ease, using our comprehensive carbon accounting platform.

Expert Consultation

Leverage our Net Zero Consultancy for in-depth reviews of your submissions, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Tailored Emissions Plans

Access bespoke Emissions Reduction Plans, crucial for demonstrating your commitment to environmental sustainability in disclosures.

Certification Support

Benefit from our assistance in meeting the rigorous standards required for both CDP reporting and B Corp accreditation.

Elevate your sustainability profile and align with global standards. Partner with Net Zero Now for expert support in your CDP, B Corp and other 3rd party disclosures

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What does 3rd party disclosure involve?

Third-party disclosure through initiatives like CDP and B Corp involves detailing your company's environmental and social performance to an external, accredited body for evaluation.

What is the significance of CDP reporting?

CDP reporting provides a transparent platform for companies to disclose their environmental impact, highlighting efforts in emissions reduction, energy management, and sustainability strategies.

How does B Corp certification differ?

B Corp certification evaluates a company's overall impact on its workers, customers, community, and environment, offering a holistic view of its social and environmental performance.

How can Net Zero Now assist with these and other disclosures?

Net Zero Now aids in accurately calculating your carbon footprint and developing strategies for emissions reduction, providing the foundational data needed for successful CDP and B Corp disclosures.