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Carbon credits play a crucial role in climate change mitigation by enabling businesses to offset emissions beyond scope 1, 2, and 3 reductions. As the carbon credits market evolves, understanding its complexities becomes vital. Net Zero Now leads in Net Zero Consultancy, demystifying carbon credits and offsetting for informed, credible climate action.

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Demystify the carbon credits system, its mechanisms, and its role in your business’s sustainability strategy.

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Access our selection of gold standard carbon offsetting programs, ensuring quality and impact.

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What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits represent a measure of greenhouse gas reductions, with each credit equating to one tonne of CO2 emissions avoided or removed from the atmosphere.

How does carbon offsetting work?

Carbon offsetting allows businesses to compensate for their emissions by investing in environmental projects that reduce or remove carbon dioxide elsewhere.

What should you consider when buying carbon credits?

When purchasing carbon credits, consider factors like price, market credibility, and alignment with recognised standards like the carbon offsetting gold standard.