Meet Government PPN 06/21 Standards with Our Carbon Reduction Expertise

UK Government's PPN 06/21 mandates a Carbon Reduction Plan for contracts above £5m, soon to include smaller contracts, embedding the Government’s legally-binding Net Zero targets into their procurement process. Net Zero Now aids clients in compliance, providing tools and strategies for comprehensive emissions management and reduction.

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Simplified Compliance

Our carbon accounting software is specifically tailored to meet the PPN 06/21 requirements, simplifying the compliance process for businesses.

Comprehensive Support

From entering activity and spend data to generating estimates in alignment with best practices, we ensure your Carbon Reduction Plan stands up to scrutiny.

Automated Plans for Emissions Reduction

Leverage our automated tools for emissions reduction planning, making it quicker to move from planning to climate action.

Expert Guidance

Our net zero consultants are here to guide you through every step, ensuring your business meets the necessary criteria for government contracts.

Ensure your eligibility for government contracts by aligning with the latest public procurement standards. Let Net Zero Now guide you through developing a robust Carbon Reduction Plan.

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What is PPN 06/21?

PPN 06/21 is a Public Procurement Notice issued by the UK Government requiring suppliers to develop a Carbon Reduction Plan for contracts over £5m, underscoring the push towards Net Zero.

Who needs to adhere to PPN 06/21 requirements?

Any business aiming to secure local and national government contracts exceeding £5m must comply with PPN 06/21, demonstrating a commitment to carbon reduction.

Why is a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) essential for government suppliers?

A CRP evidences your business's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, a crucial criterion in the government's procurement process aimed at fostering a sustainable supply chain.

How does Net Zero Now facilitate compliance with PPN 06/21?

Net Zero Now offers a bespoke platform and consultancy to help businesses meet PPN 06/21 guidelines, from emissions measurement to actionable emissions reduction plans.

What should be included in a Carbon Reduction Plan?

A CRP should detail your business's scope 1, 2, and partial scope 3 emissions, set reduction targets, and outline current and planned measures to reduce emissions in line with PPN 06/21 guidance.