Pioneering Sustainable Events with Expert Carbon Reporting and Forecasting

Net Zero Now specialises in making events more sustainable, offering footprint analysis, forecasts, and strategies to align with Net Zero goals. Our services include, pre-event forecasting, hotspot analysis and reduction planning and post-event analysis for future low-carbon planning, exemplified by our work with Edgbaston Cricket's Go Green Game in 2023.

Learn More About Sustainable Events

Forecasting Event Footprints

Anticipate the environmental impact of your events for proactive planning.

Identifying Emissions Hotspots

Target key areas for emissions reduction to make your events more sustainable.

Post-Event Measurement

Verify the success of sustainability initiatives and refine strategies for future events.

Expert Net Zero Consultancy

Collaborate with our consultants to ensure your events contribute to broader climate action goals.

Transform your event into a benchmark for sustainability. Engage with Net Zero Now for comprehensive event footprinting and sustainable strategy development.

Make Your Event Sustainable


What does sustainable event planning entail?

Sustainable event planning involves organising events with a focus on minimising environmental impact, conserving resources, and reducing emissions.

How can forecasting improve the sustainability of events?

Forecasting provides a projection of an event’s environmental footprint, allowing for strategic interventions to reduce emissions and enhance sustainability.

Why partner with Net Zero Now for your event's sustainability?

Net Zero Now offers expert consultancy and innovative carbon accounting tools to help design and deliver events that meet net zero carbon standards.