Streamline Your GHG Reporting with Expert Support and Advanced Tools

Our carbon accounting software streamlines GHG reporting, meeting GHG Protocol standards for insightful footprint analysis and target setting. Enhance your emissions reporting with our Climate Team's expert support, identifying emissions hotspots and optimising future data collection.

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Pre-formatted GHG Reports

Easily export reports that align with the GHG Protocol, detailing your carbon footprint and emissions reduction journey.

Detailed Emissions Review

Benefit from an in-depth analysis by our Climate Team, identifying emissions hotspots and offering bespoke reduction strategies.

Data Entry Insights

Receive expert advice on improving data accuracy for your GHG reporting, ensuring more precise future submissions.

Tailored Reduction Guidance

Get actionable insights and support in tackling identified emissions hotspots directly from our Net Zero Consultants.

Elevate your climate action and GHG reporting with our comprehensive platform and expert Net Zero Consultancy. Ensure accuracy, efficiency, and strategic insight into your emissions management.

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What is GHG reporting?

GHG reporting involves documenting a company's greenhouse gas emissions, crucial for understanding and managing its climate impact.

Why is the GHG Protocol important?

The GHG Protocol offers a globally recognised framework for carbon accounting, guiding businesses in accurate and consistent emissions reporting.

What does GHG reporting include?

GHG reporting encompasses scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, setting targets, detailing carbon reduction plans, and calculating emissions intensity metrics.

How can Net Zero Now enhance my GHG reporting?

Net Zero Now provides tools for GHG reporting aligned with the GHG Protocol and offers detailed analyses and strategic guidance for emissions reduction.

How does detailed emissions review help?

A detailed review by our Climate Team offers deeper insights into your business carbon footprint, helping identify and address emissions hotspots effectively.