Crafting Low-Carbon Culinary Experiences with Sustainable Menu Analysis

Net Zero Now, with partners like the Sustainable Restaurant Association, offers detailed menu footprint analysis for the hospitality sector. We analyse each dish's carbon footprint and suggest climate compensation charges, aiding chefs in developing sustainable, low-carbon menus and guiding diners to greener choices.

Elevate Your Menu

In-depth Sustainable Food Analysis

Gauge the environmental impact of every dish served.

Strategic Menu Development

Leverage our analysis to create innovative dishes with reduced carbon footprints.

Customer Engagement

Use our data to label menus effectively, prompting diners towards lower-emission choices.

Supporting a Sustainable Food System

Make procurement choices that align with a sustainable food supply chain.

Transform your menu to reflect both exceptional taste and environmental care. Connect with Net Zero Now for strategic insights into sustainable menu optimisation.

Craft Your Sustainable Menu


What is sustainable food analysis?

Sustainable food analysis evaluates the carbon footprint of food items, enabling the creation of menus that align with sustainable food industry practices.

How can a sustainable menu benefit the hospitality industry?

A sustainable menu not only appeals to the environmentally conscious consumer but also plays a role in advancing sustainability within the food industry.