Achieve SBTi-Approved Net Zero Targets with Our Comprehensive Support

Set SBTi validated reduction and net zero targets with Net Zero Now's guidance, ensuring your goals are scientifically sound and achievable. We support you throughout the SBTi journey, assisting at every stage from commitment to disclosure:

1. Commit: Initiate your SBTi journey by signalling your intention to set science-based targets.

2. Model: Define precise targets tailored to your organisation alongside emissions-reduction scenarios.

3. Submit: Present your targets for SBTi validation, ensuring they meet rigorous standards.

4. Communicate: Share your commitments and targets with stakeholders.

5. Disclose: Regularly report on emissions and progress towards your targets.

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Validated Baseline Footprint

Utilise our platform for a robust emissions baseline, essential for informed target setting.

Stakeholder Engagement

Benefit from our Climate Team's expertise in conducting comprehensive interviews across your organisation.

Scenarios Modelling

Receive detailed emissions scenarios, from current operations to ambitious Net Zero pathways.

Target Review and Refinement

Collaborate with us to refine your targets, ensuring they are both ambitious and attainable.

Embark on your SBTi submission journey with confidence. Let Net Zero Now guide you towards setting and achieving scientifically validated Net Zero targets.

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What is an SBTi approved Net Zero target?

An SBTi-approved target aligns with the most rigorous standards, ensuring your Net Zero goals are scientifically based and globally recognised.

Why pursue SBTi validation for your Net Zero targets?

SBTi validation lends credibility and confidence to your Net Zero ambitions, signalling your commitment to genuine climate action.

How does the SBTi modelling process work?

The process involves measuring your current emissions, engaging stakeholders, modelling future scenarios, reviewing these against targets, and refining your strategy.

What support does Net Zero Now offer for SBTi submissions?

From initial commitment to annual disclosure, Net Zero Now provides tools, consultancy, and scenario modelling to ensure your SBTi submission is successful.