Achieve SECR Compliance Effortlessly with Expert Guidance

Streamlined Carbon & Energy Reporting (SECR) can be a daunting task for UK businesses. With SECR, certain companies must publicly disclose their emissions, energy consumption, and take meaningful climate action. Our carbon accounting and climate action platform simplifies this process, ensuring your business meets SECR requirements with ease.

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SECR Simplified

Effortlessly report scope 1, 2, and all relevant scope 3 emissions with our intuitive carbon accounting platform.

Bespoke Reporting

Tailor-made reports that reflect your business's energy efficiency measures and carbon accounting practices.

Expert Validation

Our Net Zero Consultants review and validate your data for complete assurance.

Continuous Guidance

From understanding SECR reporting guidance to developing an impactful energy efficiency narrative, we're with you every step of the way.

Streamline your SECR reporting process and demonstrate your commitment to climate action.

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What is SECR?

SECR stands for Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting, a UK regulatory framework mandating certain businesses to disclose their emissions and energy use.

Who needs to comply with SECR requirements?

Any UK-based company meeting at least  two of the following criteria: £36 million+ annual turnover, £18 million+ balance sheet total, 250+ employees.

Why is SECR reporting important?

SECR reporting underscores a company's dedication to reducing its environmental impact and promoting transparency in its climate action efforts.

How can Net Zero Now assist with SECR reporting?

Net Zero Now offers a comprehensive SECR guide and carbon accounting software, making it simpler for businesses to compile, validate, and publish their SECR report.

What is included in a SECR report?

An SECR report includes scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, energy consumption, emissions intensity value, and a narrative on energy efficiency measures.