Namos's Net Zero Journey: IT Consultancy Embraces Climate Action

Namos's Net Zero Journey: IT Consultancy Embraces Climate Action
"Partnering with Net Zero Now offers a clear path through all the complexities, and helps to speed up your progress to zero emission significantly that if you were trying to do it on your own.” - Andrea Naylor, CFO & Head of ESG, Namos

About Namos and Their Commitment to Sustainability

Namos is an IT consultancy specializing in Oracle ERP/HCM and EPM Implementation and Managed Services. As an Oracle Partner, Namos works closely with Oracle to ensure the best quality service for their customers. Dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility, Namos recognized the urgent need to address climate change and partnered with Net Zero Now. By leveraging Net Zero Now's comprehensive net zero platform and carbon accounting software, Namos aimed to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve Net Zero status. This case study explores Namos's journey, challenges, and successes in their pursuit of becoming a net zero company. By integrating Net Zero Now’s tools, including the net zero certification and a structured climate action support pathway, Namos demonstrates their commitment to a sustainable future. We had an insightful chat with Andrea Naylor, CFO & Head of ESG, and Oliver Danzelman, Head of Transactional Services, to learn more about their journey.

Namos's Net Zero Journey: Q&A with Andrea Naylor and Oliver Danzelman

What inspired Namos to pursue Net Zero certification, and how does it align with your business values?

We have always taken our social responsibility seriously, we are driven as a company to help where we can to combat climate change and minimise our environmental impact.

We see our environmental responsibility part of a broader commitment to being more proactive about reducing our carbon footprint. Understanding our emissions profile across the firm and starting to understand where the higher emissions were and where we could quickly get control was crucial, all whilst not negatively impacting our employees and clients. Net Zero Now's comprehensive carbon footprint assessment enabled us to pinpoint critical emissions sources like home energy consumption and transportation, and Net Zero Now’s help has guided us toward impactful mitigation strategies.

How has partnering with Net Zero Now influenced your sustainability strategy?

Partnering with Net Zero Now has significantly boosted our carbon neutrality efforts, aiming for 2030. Their expertise and advice has been crucial in developing and applying effective carbon reduction strategies, speeding our progress and reinforcing our role as a responsible business leader. In meeting the 2030 targets Namos have set a science-based target (SBTi) to reduce emissions according to defined criteria, verified by Net Zero Now. The “Net Zero” Registered Certification Mark recognises that Namos is working towards neutralising its climate impact in line with all relevant environmental legislation, regulation, and significantly best practice imposed Protocols and global standards.   

Namos’ aim is to maintain/reduce its Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by at least 30% over the next 5 years. To continue its progress toward achieving Net Zero, Namos has adopted the following carbon reduction targets established by the Net Zero certification, reducing its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 15% by 2025, and Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 30% over the next 5 years. This decrease will see Namos’ emissions drop from 175.60 tCO2e to 122.90 tCO2e by 2027.    

In what ways is sustainability being recognised and implemented within the tech and Oracle Cloud services sector?

Oracle Cloud is already a more sustainable solution than the older on-premise solution. No longer do companies have to have server rooms that have to be kept at a specific temperature - running up bills and burning carbon. So this is a tick right away.  Oracle has a target to achieve netzero emissions by 2050, and to halve the greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and supply chain by 2030, relative to a 2020 baseline. This target has been approved by the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, an accredited partner of the United Nations Race to Zero.

Could you share specific initiatives or changes Namos has implemented to reduce carbon emissions?

Circa 20% of Namos’ footprint is related to business travel and employees are already encouraged to travel by public transport, preventing and minimising avoidable emissions. Namos work with its customers in developing their preferred operating and delivery model, for example implementing a hybrid onshore delivery approach, with a mixture of face to face at key stages of projects and then remote working. Namos will agree with customers a project approach reflecting both the customer’s own, and Namos’ commitments to internal and external emission targets while not compromising on service delivery excellence. 

What message would Namos convey to other companies contemplating the Net Zero journey?

Get Help! It is much easier when you have a science backed approach to how you can reduce your carbon emissions, this isn’t another greenwashing scheme that you can sign up and forget about. Partnering with Net Zero Now offers a clear path through all the complexities, and helps to speed up your progress to zero emission significantly that if you were trying to do it on your own. They have the processes and the resources and can provide the support you will need to get this right and to ensure your sustainability journey is a positive one for all involved. 

Reflecting on Namos's Success and Future Climate Action Plans

Namos's journey to Net Zero exemplifies their dedication to sustainability and proactive climate action. By partnering with Net Zero Now, Namos has successfully navigated the complexities of carbon management, demonstrating that with the right support and commitment, achieving Net Zero is an attainable goal. The net zero roadmap provided by Net Zero Now’s net zero consultants has been instrumental in guiding Namos through the process of carbon accounting, setting and achieving net zero goals, and implementing a robust climate action plan.

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