Partnership with Greener Litigation raises the bar for sustainable legal practice

Partnership with Greener Litigation raises the bar for sustainable legal practice

Legal firms signing up to the Greener Litigation Pledge to reduce their carbon footprint can now benefit from a dedicated roadmap to net zero for the legal sector that has been created by Net Zero Now in partnership with Greener Litigation and other industry leaders. 

The Net Zero Law Initiative provides tailored steps to take legal practices all the way from calculating their first carbon footprint, through to a plan for carbon reduction and becoming certified as ‘On the Road to Net Zero’.

What is the Greener Litigation Pledge?

The Greener Litigation pledge is a voluntary commitment made by law firms who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt more sustainable practices in dispute resolution. Its creation was driven by leading practice, Mishcon de Reya, who convened a group of like-minded firms to collaboratively identify how the legal sector could become better aligned with environmental goals.

Jenny Vipond of Greener Litigation said: “At the heart of Greener Litigation is a commitment for litigation professionals to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint when practising, and our initiative is pleased to have worked with the development of the Net Zero protocol, to encourage sustainability across the legal industry. Lawyers can play a leading role in driving change towards sustainable practice, and one of the first steps every organisation can take is to assess their carbon footprint and identify ways to enact meaningful change. The protocol helps businesses with a framework in which to undertake that analysis.”  

The Platform for Law Sustainability

As part of the route map to net zero provided by the Net Zero Law Initiative, Net Zero Now offers an online platform that simplifies the journey for law firms, providing tools and resources to measure, manage, report and mitigate carbon emissions effectively.

Several leading firms who are GL Pledge signatories are also working with Net Zero Now and have already certified as being ‘On the Road to Net Zero’.

Jasmine Henricson, Sustainability Manager at Mishcon de Reya LLP, said: "Participating in the Net Zero Law Initiative marks a significant step in Mishcon de Reya's commitment to decarbonisation and the development of a robust carbon reduction plan to achieve Net Zero emissions. Our objectives include enhancing our sustainability impact, elevating reporting standards, and fostering collaboration to drive innovation across the legal sector and we have already transitioned to 100% renewable energy in our London offices and integrated nature-based carbon capture to address unavoidable emissions. We look forward to working collaboratively across the legal sector to create a greener, more sustainable world."

Edward Herbert, a law sector specialist at Net Zero Now, said: “Net Zero Now and Green Litigation have shared goals and values around sustainability, climate action and collaboration and these have driven an incredible partnership that promises to deliver a step change reduction in the carbon impact of the legal sector.

“The Greener Litigation Pledge is a fantastic industry-generated initiative, that has provided the impetus for many legal practices to begin to consider their environmental impact, and Net Zero Now is in a great position to help these businesses to turn that commitment into authentic action.”

The Net Zero Law Protocol

If you’re a GL pledge signatory, or if you’re simply wanting to find out what a net zero journey might look like for your practice, take a look at the Net Zero Law Protocol, which provides step-by-step methodology for the development of law firm-specific net zero strategy setting to serve as a comprehensive guide for law firms on their sustainability journey.

And if you like the look of what you see and would like to find out more, please contact one of Net Zero Now’s friendly team who are on hand to help you set out on your journey towards a more sustainable future with your best foot forward and everything you’ll need: Contact Net Zero Now | Learn More About How We Can Help Your Business Go Net Zero

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