Transforming Property: Net Zero Now and Landmark’s Strategic Partnership‍

Transforming Property: Net Zero Now and Landmark’s Strategic Partnership‍

A Bold New Vision for the Property Sector

At Net Zero Now, we are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Landmark Information Group, a leading property and land data business. Together, we aim to revolutionise the property sector, empowering businesses to achieve Net Zero emissions and foster a culture of environmental responsibility.

Driving Change with Our Net Zero Platform

This partnership represents a significant milestone in our mission to guide industries toward Net Zero. Building on the success of Landmark’s Sustainability Training Services launched last year, we are now poised to provide even greater support to businesses in meeting their carbon reporting requirements.

Our climate action platform, built on industry-endorsed Sector Protocols, offers a robust methodology for measuring, reporting, and reducing carbon emissions. Our work with law firms, developed in partnership with Greener Litigation, is just one example of our tailored industry solutions.

Comprehensive Support for the Net Zero Journey

Our net zero platform offers a complete service package to facilitate a Net Zero pathway. From initial training and education to quantifying and managing a company’s carbon footprint, our platform supports businesses every step of the way. The synergy between Landmark’s expertise and our cutting-edge tools sets a new benchmark for the property industry.

Key Benefits of Our Partnership

1. Advanced Carbon Accounting Platform:

Our platform enables businesses to accurately calculate their emissions and develop effective reduction strategies.

2. Net Zero Certification:

Businesses meeting our criteria receive the Registered Net Zero Now Certification Mark, celebrating their achievements and communicating their Net Zero status to stakeholders.

3. Net Zero Roadmap:

Our platform provides a clear roadmap for businesses to follow, ensuring a consistent and effective approach to achieving Net Zero.

Statements from Our Leaders

Neil Ross Russell, Managing Director of Net Zero Now:

“We are delighted to partner with Landmark Information Group, a pioneering company playing a critical role as the world transitions to a more planet-positive future. They are important advisers who can influence business leaders and possess the skills and knowledge to guide others towards a Net Zero economy. Understanding carbon accounting is crucial for managing emissions effectively.”

Christopher Loaring, Group Sustainability Director at Landmark Information Group:

 “Our partnership with Net Zero Now is a significant step forward in our commitment to the property and land sector and supporting property professionals on their sustainable journey. By combining our expertise and resources, we are not only helping to reduce carbon footprints but also fostering a broader culture of environmental responsibility. This collaboration underscores our dedication to leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.”

Join Us on the Path to Net Zero

We are excited to set a new benchmark in the property sector with Landmark Information Group. Our net zero platform and comprehensive support services provide property professionals with the tools they need to succeed on their journey to Net Zero.

For more information, please visit Net Zero Now’s website and Landmark Information Group’s website.

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