Leading the Charge: Tunbridge Wells' Radical Sustainability Initiative

Leading the Charge: Tunbridge Wells' Radical Sustainability Initiative

In the vibrant town of Tunbridge Wells, a pioneering collaboration between Amplifi, local businesses, and Net Zero Now is reshaping the sustainability landscape. The Tunbridge Wells net zero initiative stands as a testament to what can be achieved when community strength converges with steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship. This collaborative effort is not only sparking a transformation in local businesses but has also infused the community with a renewed commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

Simon Heppner, Founder of Net Zero Now, enthused about the initiative's kickoff event, saying, "I run a lot of events with business groups, but this is the first one where I had to queue outside to get in – what an incredible starting point for Amplifi! This type of sustainability initiative, amalgamating the sector approach with a Wells-connected business community, has not been delivered to this scale elsewhere in the UK, and I really feel Tunbridge Wells could be trailblazers in their united businesses approach to the climate crisis."

The Tunbridge Wells Net Zero Initiative: A Model for Local Sustainability

The Tunbridge Wells initiative represents a vibrant collaboration that aims to carve a sustainable path for the entire community. At its core, the initiative focuses on harnessing the collective power of local businesses to reduce their environmental impact through net zero certifications and carbon accounting solutions provided by Net Zero Now. By creating a blueprint for sustainability, Tunbridge Wells is setting an exemplary standard for others to follow.

Numerous businesses will begin implementing robust carbon reduction plans, transitioning towards more sustainable practices, and engaging more deeply with the net zero platform to track and improve their environmental footprints. The community's enthusiastic participation and commitment have turned what started as an idea into a flourishing sustainability movement.

Pete Kenyon, one of the founders of Amplifi and a partner at Cripps, a leading law firm and esteemed customer of Net Zero Now, reflected on the success of the net zero initiative, stating, "We were blown away by the phenomenal response to this event, and after months of planning, it was overwhelming to see the appetite from local businesses to work together to drive action and consider their environmental impact." 

This sentiment underscores the community's united effort and passion for setting a sustainable benchmark not just locally, but potentially nationally.

Driving Local and National Change: The Business and Community Impact of Tunbridge Wells

The Tunbridge Wells initiative, though in its early stages, is already setting a precedent for how local businesses can reap substantial benefits from adopting sustainable practices. By engaging with Net Zero Now's tools for net zero certification and utilising the carbon accounting platform, businesses are not only reducing their environmental impact but are also enhancing their operational efficiencies and customer appeal.

Jenny Kitchen, founder of Amplifi and CEO of Yoyo Design, shared her enthusiasm for the ongoing process, stating, "This is very much just the beginning of the journey, and to keep the momentum going the sector groups will continue to meet regularly and share best practice and initiatives to help them be more sustainable. We warmly invite any other businesses who would be interested in working collaboratively on the road to netzero, to get in touch with us, as we know that working together will get us there faster. There is also lots of information available on the website,”

This collaborative approach not only fosters a sense of community among businesses but also serves as an inspiring model for other regions. Encouraging broader adoption across councils, the Tunbridge Wells initiative outlines clear benefits and provides a replicable framework for other areas to initiate their own sustainability programs. By demonstrating the tangible impacts of collective climate action, Tunbridge Wells advocates for a national movement towards sustainability, proving that concerted local efforts can indeed influence wider regional and potentially national environmental strategies.

Pete Kenyon highlighted the significant backing that has catalysed this net zero initiative, stating, “We were incredibly delighted to be able to announce that RTW Together BID committed £20,000 to help subsidise the costs for our first cohort to take the Net Zero Now journey during 2024, and as a result, we saw a large number of businesses committing to joining together to harness their collective power.” This investment underscores a pivotal shift towards a unified approach to tackling environmental challenges.

The success in Tunbridge Wells serves as a clarion call to other regions and councils, inviting them to explore how this model can be tailored to their unique contexts. By collaborating with Net Zero Now, communities can leverage these proven strategies to advance their own sustainability goals. 

To learn more about the Tunbridge Wells initiative send an email to the Net Zero Now team at or schedule a call from here.