The 7 Best Carbon Accounting Software in 2024

The 7 Best Carbon Accounting Software in 2024

In today's business landscape, environmental responsibility is not just a choice - it's a necessity. As businesses worldwide strive to reduce their carbon footprint, the role of carbon accounting has become increasingly crucial therefore choosing the best carbon accounting software. But…

What is carbon accounting?

Carbon accounting is the process by which businesses and organisations measure and track their greenhouse gas emissions. This method serves as a critical tool for understanding environmental impacts and implementing strategies to reduce carbon footprints, ultimately supporting global efforts toward achieving sustainability and climate goals. By quantifying emissions, companies can make informed decisions to improve their environmental performance and comply with 2024 Climate Compliance Essentials for UK Businesses.

Why is it important to measure and track your carbon emissions?

This process provides businesses with a clear path towards sustainability, and eventually, to Net Zero. Considering the critical role of carbon accounting in environmental management, numerous carbon accounting software have emerged, each providing different benefits and limitations. Evaluating these aspects is key to finding the right fit for your company's needs.

How to choose the right carbon accounting platform?

Choosing the right carbon accounting platform can be a challenging task. That's why our team at Net Zero Now, leveraging our climate expertise and experience in the field as a leading climate consultancy company, have curated a list of the 7 best carbon accounting software available in 2024.

Before diving into specific providers’ offerings, here is what you need to look for when selecting your perfect carbon accounting ally:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Ensure the platform provides accurate data collection and reporting capabilities to reliably track and manage scope 1 2 and 3 emissions. A platform that can propose sector-specific emissions factors is also a good sign that your footprint will be more accurate.
  • User Friendliness: Look for a platform with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features that make it easy to navigate and utilise effectively.
  • Integration Capabilities: The platform should be able to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and software, enhancing data synchronisation and workflow efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Choose software that offers comprehensive reporting tools for Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions and which is capable of generating detailed and customizable reports that meet regulatory and internal requirements.
  • Scalability: The platform should be scalable to accommodate your organisation’s growth and evolving needs without requiring a switch to another system.
  • Support and Training: Good customer support and training resources are essential to help your team maximise the platform’s benefits and troubleshoot any issues.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Consider the total cost of the service, including initial setup, ongoing fees, and any additional costs for upgrades or additional features, to ensure it fits within your budget.
  • Industry Benchmarking: Opt for a platform that provides benchmarking tools to compare your emissions data against industry standards and competitors. This feature is crucial for assessing your environmental performance relative to your peers, identifying areas for improvement, and establishing credible sustainability goals.

The 7 Best Carbon Accounting Platforms in 2024

1. Net Zero Now

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Net Zero Now ensures accurate data collection using empirical data for emissions calculations, which is more precise than the spend-based approach used by many competitors.
  • Unique Sector Approach: The platform offers bespoke sector protocols developed with the endorsement of key industry partners and institutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of various businesses and provide accurate carbon reduction plans.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Net Zero Now features an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and utilise effectively.
  • Expert Data Analysis and Certification: Customers' data is thoroughly analysed and validated by climate experts, ensuring that the emissions data can be certified effectively.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools: The platform includes detailed reporting tools that cater to both regulatory compliance and internal performance metrics, providing actionable insights.
  • Scalability: Net Zero Now supports business growth and adapts seamlessly as environmental efforts evolve, accommodating changing needs without requiring a system switch.
  • Excellent Customer Support and Training: The Net Zero consultants in the team provide robust customer support and on-demand training to help users fully leverage the system’s capabilities.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Net Zero Now is designed to be a cost-effective solution, ensuring that the investment in carbon management remains beneficial for businesses aiming to take climate action.

2. Greenly

Greenly, a French-based company, offers carbon accounting solutions that automate emissions calculations for scopes 1, 2, and 3, and integrates with third-party solutions to assist European SMBs in developing personalised reduction strategies. While it adheres to international standards like the GHG Protocol and aims to engage business ecosystems in climate efforts, its high prices might discourage SMEs, and it primarily works with spend-based factors instead of activity-based factors which are known to be more reliable in terms of emissions accuracy.

3. Persefoni

Persefoni positions itself as a leading carbon accounting tool for large enterprises and financial institutions, offering AI-powered emissions reporting and strategic decarbonisation tools. Although it provides assurance-grade reporting for major climate disclosures, its high cost and focus on larger entities might exclude smaller businesses looking for affordable and scalable environmental solutions.

4. Sinai Technologies

SINAI Technologies offers a robust decarbonisation platform that supports enterprises, particularly in heavy industries, to measure and reduce emissions through science-based targets and internal carbon pricing. While the platform excels in forecasting and strategic decarbonisation advisory, its specialised focus might limit its applicability to broader markets that require more general carbon accounting solutions.

5. Plan A

Plan A provides a comprehensive SaaS platform for corporate decarbonisation and ESG optimisation, tailored for enterprises seeking to manage their sustainability efforts from data collection to emission reduction. Based in Germany, the platform uses scientific methodologies to support sustainability goals.

6. Normative

Normative, a Swedish cloud-based carbon accounting engine, aids businesses of all sizes in standardising and automating their carbon accounting processes, offering features like GHG analysis and environmental hotspot identification. This platform is well-regarded for its rigorous data handling and emissions reduction strategies.

7. Sphera

Sphera, a German company under The Blackstone Group, offers carbon accounting software that integrates ESG performance, risk management, and sustainability reporting into a single platform. Known for its sophistication and ease of use, Sphera supports a broad range of companies, including those with complex Scope 3 reporting needs, although it tends to be a more expensive option.

Neila, Climate Action Manager at Net Zero Now, shared: “Being part of the Climate Team at Net Zero Now, I can see first-hand how much of a difference a sectoral approach and activity-based factors can make to the measurement of carbon emissions for businesses. Not only does this lead to lower emissions thanks to improved accuracy, but it also allows companies to easily identify low-hanging fruits in terms of opportunities for reduced carbon emissions within their operations. This ultimately leads to better efficiency and cost savings in the long run, in addition to getting on the path to Net Zero”. 

The journey towards climate action is paved with challenges, but choosing the right carbon accounting software can make all the difference. Each of the platforms listed above has its own set of strengths, designed to meet various business needs and sustainability goals. Whether you are a small business just beginning to explore your carbon footprint or a large corporation seeking to enhance your environmental strategy, the Net Zero Now team of climate experts is ready to assist you in your own carbon reduction journey.

What Do We Offer at Net Zero Now?

Net Zero Now is the premier choice for carbon accounting and climate action, offering unparalleled accuracy, bespoke sector-specific solutions, comprehensive support, and competitive pricing to ensure your business achieves its netzero goals effectively and affordably. Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Measuring and Tracking your carbon emissions with sector accuracy to monitor your business' evolving environmental impact over time.
  • Reducing your carbon emissions with bespoke emissions reduction activities aligned with your operations.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface to facilitate your carbon footprinting process.
  • Internal and External Reporting, in line with the latest climate science and following the guidance of the GHG Protocol. We offer detailed emissions reporting to provide you with insights on your footprint, as well as standardised reporting for specific regulatory requirements such as SECR, PPN06/21 (Carbon Reduction Plan), TCFD, CDP, and SBTi.
  • Net Zero Certification and Recognition: Achieve and showcase your Net Zero status with our Net Zero Certification Programme. This certification is not just a mark; it is a testament to your commitment and progress towards sustainability, backed by rigorous, sector-specific standards and peer-reviewed protocols.
  • Support along the way: Our team is always available to assist you and make this journey smoother for your business.

It's important to remember that the path to netzero is a collective journey - one that requires the right tools, commitment, and collaboration. Choose wisely, and take that first crucial step towards a more sustainable future for your business and the planet by reaching out to us today.

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