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Congratulations on starting your journey to becoming a Net Zero business

The Assemblies in Bristol gets on the road to Net Zero
Why Go Net Zero?

The Net Zero Now platform makes it easy for your establishment to reach Net Zero. We provide all the tools you need to complete your journey to Net Zero and communicate your achievements to your customers, your employees and other key stakeholders.

Platform features

The Net Zero Now platform includes all the tools you need to reach Net Zero. We provide you with a sector-specific carbon calculator, a tailored emissions reductions plan, access to accredited offsets and a registered certification allowing you to communicate your impact.

Carbon Footprint Calculator
Calculate your full value-chain emissions in compliance with sector-specific guidelines.
Climate Impact Report
Full breakdown of the precise source and scale of your emissions.
Analysis & Reporting Tools
View your emissions by company, by site, or by activity.
Benchmark of Performance
Compare your performance against the rest of your industry.
Emissions Reduction Plan
Specific to your business and your sector, compliant with the Science Based Targets Initiative.
Sector Specific Offsets
Access accredited offsets, based on the Oxford Principles, for unavoidable residual emissions.
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£ 45
/ month
£ 40
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£ 35
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*If you pay upfront for 1 year, you’ll get 1 month for free.
**All prices exclusive of VAT


From £29/month per site
Use our pricing calculator to work out how much it will cost to become a Net Zero business.

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Marketplace Partners

Net Zero Now has created Marketplace, a collection of preferred and vetted suppliers who we have partnered with. These Marketplace Partners offer unique discounts and access to our customers and as such, enable businesses to become more sustainable, more quickly. Get in touch to learn about the offers you can unlock by being a Net Zero Now customer!

Platform Overview

As you add your data to the platform, you will see the measurement of your carbon footprint in real time. Once all the necessary data has been uploaded, submit your footprint for validation and you will receive detailed interactive reports allowing you to identify key emissions hotspots, your tailored emissions reduction plan helping you address those hotspots and access to the Net Zero Now Certification, enabling you to celebrate your progress.

Add your data
Checkout your emission report
Review your reduction action
Set a target
You're on the road to Net Zero
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You're in good company

These are just some of our customers already starting to measure and reduce the carbon emissions of their business.

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The Net Zero Bar and Pub Protocol and Climate Action Playbook

The requirements for each step of the journey to Net Zero are defined by The Net Zero Bar and Pub Protocol. Find out more about the protocol development in the FAQs, or download it here.

If you’re wondering what is involved in reducing your emissions, take a look at the Net Zero Now Climate Action Playbook for Pubs and Bars, also available to download here. For more tailored information on your emissions and how to reduce them, sign up to the Net Zero Now platform today.

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Why is it important for Bars and Pubs to go Net Zero?
Who’s behind the Net Zero Hospitality Initiative?
What is the Net Zero Now certification?
What is the Net Zero Bar and Pub Protocol?
My site (or sites) has already measured its carbon footprint, can we still be certified?
I’ve seen an ad that states that I could save £5,000 by going Net Zero. Please explain!
Pourquoi les bars et les établissements de restauration devraient-ils tous s'engager en faveur du Net Zéro?
Qui est à l'origine de l'initiative Net Zéro Bars & Restauration?
Qu'est-ce que la certification Net Zéro Bars & Restauration?
Qu'est-ce que le protocole Net Zéro Bars & Restauration?
Mon site a déjà mesuré son empreinte carbone, peut-il tout de même être certifié?

Our Partners

  • We have partnered with Net Zero Now and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, to help create the Net Zero Pub protocols to give practical advice to our customers on the role they can play and how they can embark on their own on the path to Net Zero.

    Nick Brown
    Head of Sustainability at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners GB
  • It’s imperative that we work together as an industry and, in partnership with Coca-Cola, we have the potential to reach 90% of the UK’s pubs through our combined resources. We hope the tools provided by the Net Zero Pub initiative will inspire our customers to take action and join the race to Net Zero.

    Ian Peart
    Commercial Director at Pernod Ricard UK