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Rabbit Hole goes Net Zero

Thanks for visiting the Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury 2023!

At Net Zero Now, we’re delighted to be working with The Rabbit Hole again to help them measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

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The Rabbit Hole

About Net Zero Now

Net Zero Now exists to provide a simple, credible and affordable route to Net Zero for businesses of all sizes and to celebrate and promote those that achieve this vitally important goal.

We have invested our climate expertise alongside the sector knowledge and experience of relevant industry bodies, industry influencers and larger businesses to reach a consensus around what Net Zero means in practice for businesses in each sector.

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How it works

We work with businesses to help them calculate their emissions using our sector specific platform and offer a reductions strategy to mitigate their emissions.

Measure your existing GHG footprint, including  Scopes 1, 2 & 3, in accordance with both the global standard and the requirements of the relevant Sector Protocol
Reduce your emissions by following our tailored Emissions Reduction Plan, relevant to both your industry and your business
Compensate for any emissions you cannot eliminate by investing in our curated offset product that funds initiatives that reduce the amount of carbon that would otherwise be in, or going into, the atmosphere
Publish you emissions plans to inform your customers, employees, suppliers, investors etc about your journey to Net Zero


We also offer a certification to show to your stakeholders the great work you have done to reduce emissions. 

The certification you receive depends on how far along the Net Zero journey you are. Net Zero Now offer 2 certifications: i) for businesses that are ‘On the Road’ to Net Zero and ii) for those businesses that have achieved it.


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